Most of our funds promote environmental, social, and governance (ESG) characteristics and hold the Article 8 SFDR status.


Fund Name                                                            LEI                                      SFDR Status

Helium Fund                                    213800ULSZKM6V3Y3I53                        Art. 8

Helium Performance                     213800E2X9CVGKEBAR54                       Art. 8

Helium Selection                            213800CTJ8Q195CABZ75                        Art. 8

Helium Invest                                  213800JAMD3MWVOCUS90                    Art. 8

Helium Alpha                                  213800GE4SKC8UNAA991                       Art. 8

Helium Opportunites                     969500T3GQ7POQSITN13                        Art. 6*

Syquant Global Event Driven        213800MZOGF25D3CPH68                      Art. 8


ESG risk as financial risk

Our promotion of ESG characteristics anticipates growing investor expectations and regulatory changes. More generally, it reflects our awareness of the impact that our investment decisions may have on society and the environment. Above all, our efforts in this area recognize that ESG risk ultimately translates into financial risk and that including extra-financial information should therefore improve the quality of our investment decisions.

Our approach to ESG integration

Our objective is not simply to exclude companies based on ESG factors, but to integrate these factors into a holistic assessment of our investments. We both require and encourages consideration of ESG factors at an individual level within our investment teams, further embedding these practices into SYQUANT Capital’s culture.

Geared towards the future

Industry guidelines and best practices regarding ESG management and integration continue to evolve. We will monitor these developments on an ongoing basis and will typically review our policies annually. These will mature over time to reflect shifts in legal and regulatory frameworks as well as industry practices.



Sustainability Policies :

Responsible investment policy

Coal exit policy

SFDR precontractual templates (Helium FUND SICAV)

Voting and engagement policy

Corporate commitment to ESG and sustainable business practices

Sustainability Reports :

Art. 10 SFDR Website product disclosure

Art. 4 SFDR Principal adverse impacts statement

SFDR Annual Report templates 2022 (Helium FUND SICAV)

Art. 29 Loi Energie-Climat Report (in French)

TCFD Climate report 2022

Engagement Report 2022


Please contact Syquant Capital’s Investor Relations team for any additional details regarding our ESG practices.

* Helium Opportunities’ Article 8 SFDR status is in transition. Note, however, that the same policy is applied to all funds.