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Within the Helium range of funds, fund managers focus on arbitrages strategies in Equity markets with the following priorities:

An objective of absolute performance
weakly correlated to equity markets
A significant diversificatio
within the portfolios
A range of funds with differentiated
risk profiles

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• Factsheet as of March 2019
Helium Performance - S share class
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• Factsheet as of March 2019
Helium Selection - S share class
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• Factsheet as of March 2019
Helium Fund - A share class
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• Factsheet as of March 2019
Helium Opportunities - A share class
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• 01/09/2018
EuroHedge Absolute UCITS Awards 2018 - Helium Selection

• 10/04/2018
Syquant in the press: Xavier Morin, portfolio manager of Helium Performance and Helium Selection, answers to Citywire questions on the 29th March 2018

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