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Consult our awards
  EuroHedge Absolute UCITS Awards 2018 - Helium Selection
The Helium Selection fund was awarded at the EuroHedge Absolute UCITS Awards 2018 and received the first price in the “Event Driven 3 Years” category.
  Syquant in the press: Xavier Morin, portfolio manager of Helium Performance and Helium Selection, answers to Citywire questions on the 29th March 2018

Event-driven outperformer's best bets of 2018
  Syquant in the press: Xavier Morin, portfolio manager of Helium Performance and Helium Selection, answers to Citywire questions on the 1st June 2017

How AAA-rated manager is tapping M&A boom
  Shareholders notice : Change of the legal structure of CACEIS Bank Luxembourg

CACEIS : Information notice Dec 2016
  Helium Performance PM is in the French press

Helium Performance Funds - Février 2015 - Carole Leclercq
  Helium opportunités in the TOP 10 - Merger Arbitrage - Past Three Years BarclaysHedge

  Helium Performance: Reaches a "double" milestone....
Helium Performance celebrates its 2 years old.
A two years track record and breaching the € 200: Xavier Morin takes a step back to comment.

Helium Performance : Results two years after the launch
  Parole d' Expert : Henri Jeantet

An insight into the Merger Arbitrage environment by SYQUANT Capital CIO M. Henry Jeantet (text in French)

Interview Henri Jeantet May 2015 Option Finance
  SYQUANT Capital : « Best Independent Asset Manager – France »
The Anglo Saxon magazine Wealth & Finance awards SYQUANT Capital for its strong AUM growth and the good performance of Helium funds.
  « Helium Performance : recommends the Helium Performance Fund »
Celebrating its two years track record in May 2015, Helium Performance benefits from a positive recommendation :

Through an independent research note, TC Strategie highlights the following qualities:
• The diversification: the fund show low correlation to other asset classes,
• Capital preservation and an attractive Sharpe ratio is investment team’s top priority,
• A highly qualified investment team including in Merger Arbitrage which is the principal strategy in the fund.

For more information about the recommendation see link below (article in French) :

La sicav de la semaine : Helium Performance
  Syquant : Best Arbitrage Multi Strategy Hedge Fund 2014 - France
Syquant was awarded “ Best Arbitrage Multi Strategy Hedge Fund - France“ by AI Global Media Ltd – Wealth & Finance INTL
Syquant Best Arbitrage Multi Strategy Hedge Fund
  Henri Jeantet: Parole d'expert Option Finance Novembre 2014
Henri Jeantet President & Chief Investment Officer of Syquant Capital: Interview in Option Finance November 2014
Henri Jeantet Option Finance November 7th 2014
  Syquant Helium Performance Short-form report - Kepler Absolute Hedge
“Please find the lastest research on Helium Performance fund released by Kepler Partner”
Syquant Helium Performance Short-form report - Kepler Absolute Hedge
  EVENT DRIVEN EN EUROPE : Xavier Morin Co.CIO of Syquant Capital speech' in London on 15/09/14

EVENT DRIVEN EN EUROPE : Xavier Morin Co.CIO of Syquant Capital speech' in London on 15/09/14
  Syquant in the press:Specialized manager in Merger & acquisition activity, Lindren Thanacoody answers to the questions of Citywire on 29 août 2014.

M&A mania: how event driven managers are positioned
  Syquant in the press: UCITS Index presents the fund Helium performance and the strategy implemented by Xavier Morin, principal portfolio manager of the fund.

UCITS Newsletter Xavier Morin
  Syquant Capital receives a ‘Best 2013 Low volatility Fund Awards’ by UCITS HFS Index
Syquant Capital is pleased to announce that the Helium Opportunities fund has received the following Award : « Top 3 Performer » in the 2013 edition of the UCITS HFS Index Awards in the “Low volatility fund” category.

  Helium Performance ranked 4th in among all components of Luxhedge Multi-Strategy UCITS Index
The fund, recently included in this database, stood out by its superior performance since the beginning of the year.
LuxHedge S.A. is the first and unique provider of indices of Luxembourg-domiciled Alternative UCITS funds and Alternative UCITS funds of funds.
Helium Performance exhibited a year-to-date return of +2,47% against +0,43% for the LuxHedge Multi-Strategy UCITS Index.

  Syquant in the press...
"Funds Magazine 's panel: Why should you invest in Absolute performance?"

Funds magazine n°66 February 2014
  Syquant Capital has launched on the 26th of July 2013 a new share Class in USD for its flagship fund Helium Opportunités
ISIN code for this Hedged share Class in USD is FR0011527217
The Fee structure associated is comparable to the one of the Class A share
The amended prospectus of Helium Opportunités which integrates all details related to this new share Class is available in the Publications part of the website
  Syquant Capital has launched on the 3rd May 2013 a new Luxembourg regulated UCITS fund, Helium Performance, with a SICAV structure
Helium Performance is a higher octane version of Helium Opportunities, with in particular higher leveraged in Arbitrage strategies and a new Trend Following strategy.
  Syquant Capital receives a ‘Best 2013 Merger Arbitrage Awards’ by HFM
Syquant Capital is pleased to announce that the Helium Opportunities fund has received the following Award : « Winner » in the 2013 edition of the HFM awards (HFM) in the “Merger Arbitrage” category. Helium Opportunities was nominated three times – Market Neutral, Merger Arbitrage and Event Driven – and has been winner twice in a row. This fund has also won twice in a row an awards by Hedge Fund Intelligence.
About HFM Awards 2013 :
  Syquant Capital receive an ‘Absolute UCITS awards’ by HedgeFund Intelligence
Syquant Capital is pleased to announce that the Helium Opportunities fund has received the following Award : « Winner » in the 2012 edition of the Absolute UCITS awards (HedgeFund Intelligence) in the “Event Driven” category. Helium Opportunities is the only fund which has repeated its “winner” risk adjusted performance (Absolute UCITS) twice in a row: 2011 & 2012 !
UCITS Awards 2012
About Absolute UCITS Award 2012
  SYQUANT Capital - Helium Récompensé aux HFM Week Awards et aux ICA Awards
A Londres, les 28 et 29 Mars dernier, Syquant Capital, société de gestion agréée par l’AMF, spécialiste de l’investissement en performance absolue a été récompensée à deux reprises pour sa gamme de fonds Helium : Lors de la cérémonie des HFM Week Awards les fonds Helium ont reçu le prix 2012 dans la catégorie "Event Driven" et le lendemain ICA (Investors Choice Awards) récompensait à nouveau les fonds cette fois dans la catégorie "Best Relative Value & Equity Market Neutral Fund - Last 3 Years".
Résultats ICA Winners
About ICA - Investors CHOICE AWARDS
About HFM Week Awards
  Dans sa revue trimestrielle de l'industrie des gérants de fonds en Europe, du 27 Février 2012, le FINANCIAL TIMES intègre pour la France, Syquant Capital dans son Top 10.

Financial Times - édition du 27 Fevrier 2012 -
  SYQUANT Capital - Helium nominé aux Investors Choice Awards
Le 29 Mars 2012, Syquant Capital participera à Londres à la cérémonie des trophées organisée par Investor Choice Media.
Il concoure pour le prix 'Fund of the Year' dans la catégorie 'Relative Value & Equity Market Neutral'.
La liste de Nominations
About ICA - Investors CHOICE AWARDS
  SYQUANT Capital - Helium nominé aux EuroHedge Awards du 26 Janvier prochain
Le 26 Janvier 2012, Syquant Capital participera à Londres à la prestigieuse cérémonie des EuroHedge Awards 2011, organisée chaque année par HedgeFund Intelligence, et concourra dans la catégorie ‘Multi-stratégies’.

Les EuroHedge Awards récompensent en Europe l’excellence des fonds, au sein de l’industrie de la gestion alternative. Avec plus de 900 gérants, et investisseurs participant à l’évènement, ces Trophées sont perçus par la profession, comme la plus prestigieuse des distinctions.

SYquant Capital - Press release
  Syquant Capital received the 'Best Low Volatility Fund ' Award
At the event organized by UCITS HFS index and 2n20 in Zurich, September 19th 2011, Syquant Capital, the french asset manager specialised in Absolute Performance Investment, received the 'Best Low Volatility Fund ' Award for its 'Helium Opportunités' fund,
Press Release
Helium Opportunités wins the 'Best Low Volatility Fund' Award by UCIT HFS Index et 2n20
Ucits strategy index awards
  Syquant in the Press...

Investir- Le Journal des Finances n° 1957 Saturday 9th of July
  Syquant Capital et la gestion ‘Performance Absolue’ Hexagonale à l’honneur

Press Release
  Syquant : du compte propre au compte de tiers

L'article Les Echos sept 2010



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